Sunday, February 28, 2010

The Jewels Are With God

For many years, my sister and I, in our travels through Lancaster County, passed a graveyard behind a country church, and this angel statue always caught our eyes.  On one trip, we decided to stop and walk through the cemetery and see if we could find out anything about the person who was buried in this spot.  In reading the engraving on the back side of the stone, we discovered it had been a young wife who died during childbirth.  She and her child are buried together.    Here are the engraved words (I will type them below the photo since they are difficult to read, even in the enlarged view):

In memory of One who during her stay on earth Was the centre of sincere and tender friendships; The Pride and Joy of a Beloved and Loving Husband, and an Ornament to the Church of Christ.  Suddenly called away, her Departure cast a gloom upon all who knew her; And desolated a bright and happy home.  Her presence made earth beautiful; Her absence brings Heaven near.  With her Babe, who quickly joined her, she waits for those who, while deeply deploring their loss, yet stive to say "THE WILL OF GOD BE DONE."

"The caskets are here ... The Jewels are with God"


Saturday, February 27, 2010

Cooper's Moon

This photo was captured and edited by my son, Mark (known as Cooper's Moon on Flickr).    He and I took a little day trip last Fall and ended up in Chance, MD, where we found this sunken treasure. Be sure to click on the picture to see it in a larger size.  To see this page on Flickr, go to   And while you're there, browse through Mark's amazing gallery. 


Friday, February 26, 2010

More of My Flickr Favorites


Philadelphia Memories

Memories from my trip to Philadelphia, PA .... with Mark ... December 2009.

(this was the view from our motel window .... amazing in the daylight and even more amazing in the dark)

Lunch at the City Tavern .... such a memorable experience ... staff clothed in period Colonial dress.

City Hall building

Used Bookstore ... we tucked in here when it began raining ...

Rain ........ and more rain .....

Courtyard of a beautiful old church ... used bookstore is right across the street ... this is about the time it began raining, and it rained the rest of the day.

Doors and Gates ....

Ferris wheel .... somewhere along the route to the City ....


Thursday, February 25, 2010

A Few Of My Flickr Favorites


If Walls Could Talk

This little abandoned home was sitting on the side of the road, right in front of the Three-Mile-Island Nuclear Plant on the outskirts of Harrisburg, PA.    I can't help but wonder about its story ....


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