Wednesday, August 18, 2010


I just finished making another Blurb book ... from our trip to Cape May.   I've already shown you many of the pictures from that day.   I love the Blurb books, but they are very time consuming.    I've been trying to concentrate on that project and thus have not had a lot to share here.    It amazes me how difficult it is to get back into the flow of things after a brief time away, whether from illness or vacation or whatever.   I think everything just piles up and it's easy to feel overwhelmed.     I don't like to go long stretches without posting something, so today I thought I would just show you a few random pictures I've recently taken.   You can click on each picture to enlarge for better views ....

I went with my sister Bonnie to Assateague Island (the Maryland side), known for the wild ponies that are free to roam the island.   The Virginia side of Assateague is famous for its annual pony penning.  If you're familiar with "Misty of Chincoteague", that is where Misty originally came from (Assateague Island).  We saw the most ponies on this trip; it was wonderful.   This pony and two others which you can't see, were standing near an intersection.   We stopped the car and got out to take pictures.   My eye fell upon this little bird, which seemed to be following this pony around.  It walked under the pony's legs, around his head, near his mouth, everywhere.   Stayed right with it for as long as we stood there and watched.   It was so sweet.   A big pony and a little bird ..... friends.

One Sunday afternoon, Gary and I hopped in the car and drove around some of the back roads on the Eastern Shore of Virginia.   Went through a tiny little town name Sanford, and my eye spotted this rural post office.   One end is the post office, the other end is a bait and decoy shop.   There's just something unique about small-town life.

This lamp by the loveseat in our living room seldom gets used.   One day last week, it was turned on to help with old eyes that were trying to read.   Not long afterwards, I looked  through the doorway and spotted Victoria warming herself by the light bulb, with her head right up under the shade.   Poor Kitty!  How can she need warmth during a week when the temperatures hover near 100 degrees? 

During one of our travels, I spotted this old metal trash can sitting on the stoop of an abandoned building.  I like to take pictures of these kinds of objects.   They often speak to me.   It was a challenge to try to make a trash can look interesting.   This picture speaks to me of rejection and of the feeling of being thrown away.

And lastly, I took this photo this past weekend in Lancaster County, PA.   I think I might make this one into a poster.   It looks wonderful at full size.   And I love sheep.

Wishing everyone a beautiful week!


Bren August 18, 2010 at 10:43 AM  

Oh golly girl, I have missed your artist photos! I love that shot of the pony, you captured the mystic of him. Reminds me of the Sable Island ponies just off of NS. Oh and my guys would love that bate & decoy store, love how you finished that one out. The trash can is great, for me I thought of all the things in life that need to be tossed in order to enjoy the rest :-)
Hope to get a peek at that new book of yours
You are so right about finding that flow again, but I think you've found yours!

Cheryl August 20, 2010 at 11:57 AM  

I adore these pictures, Frances...and I admire your artist's ability to make a trashcan beautiful! I especially love the picture of Victoria with her head under the lampshade! (Bekah does too!) Until last year, it had been many years since we had had a cat living with us...and I am remembering all over again what interesting creatures they can be. Always surprises. :-)

Love the sheep picture too.

Gloria August 20, 2010 at 12:26 PM  

I absolutely love looking at your beautiful photographs. The softness of that pony's fur, and oh my, that little bird with him!
It is so wonderful to find the beauty of simple objects (like the trash can), and your perspective about the photo is fun to read. I agree that it is hard to get back to blogging when life gets busy and you get use to being away from here. Welcome back though, I enjoy seeing your pretty pictures...:)
I am loving your cat and sheep photos also. So sweet!
Have a wonderful weekend..@}~`}~~~
Blessings to you,

Anonymous,  August 23, 2010 at 4:37 PM  

Wonderful photos Frances!!
Amazing how you can turn a simple garbage can into an interesting capture...such talent indeed!!
Loving your Victoria under the lampshade....cats are so cool!!
And your "friends" photo...look at that little bird looking up at the majestic horse. Superb sheep photo.....all are just always!!
Healing hugs....Linda :D

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