Monday, May 3, 2010


"We will have a huge amount of antique odds and ends that we will rotate through the display cases like we will rotate the cars in the museum ... Practically every time a person comes back they will see a different museum.”   --- James Jamison

click on photo to enlarge for better detail

Gary and I were roaming the countryside in the Oxford / St.Michael's area last Friday and passed this (ahem!) "junky" antique store.   I have a feeling inventory doesn't change here very often.  But then again, maybe it does.   Don't you just love this table and chairs set?   The more I look at it in this photo, the more I want to go back and get it.   The temptation would be great if I had a wonderful screened-in porch or patio.  But alas!  I don't.   So I guess the set will remain in this spot until another adoring fan passes by and hears that voice that says .... "Choose me, Choose me". 


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