Saturday, April 24, 2010

The Queen Of Everything

The older of our two Himalayan cats, Sara Lee.   We purchased Sara after our first Himalayan, Needles, died from breast cancer.   I wasn't even aware cats could get breast cancer.   That was a devastating day.  I was working at a bookstore and had to go into work while Gary took Needles to the vet to be put to sleep.  She had gotten to the place where she could barely move and it just seemed the right thing to do; but it was hard.   About two weeks later, I saw an ad in the paper for Himalayan kittens ... we drove the hour's distance to have a look and returned home with eight-week-old Sara Lee.   That was eleven years ago.  Sara is very beautiful, but she is moody.  She loves to be groomed, but she'll turn on you in an instant.  I know when that is getting ready to happen because she starts wagging her tail.   When I see the tail wag, I know I'd better stop grooming and touching or else be prepared for a little bit of blood.   Sara is not a lap cat, except at nighttime when I prop my legs up on the sofa, cover them with a down comforter, and settle in.  That is her cue to come forth for some rubbing ... and I am delighted to oblige.  The Queen.  Do you have any endearing cat stories?   I would love to hear one or two some time .....

Photo was taken as Sara rested on the arm of our loveseat, after I opened the window so that Victoria could get a closer look at some birds.  Sara wanted to get in the window, too, but it was occupied.  I was shocked she did not exercise her Queenly rights over The Princess ....

Editing was done in Photoshop Elements 8 with a "poster edges" effect ... and then further edited in Topaz Simplify 3 with a watercolor effect.  Spiral frame was added in Photoscape.  Click on photo to enlarge so you can see Sara in better detail ... and if you click one more time, you can see her even larger.  I just love that feature. 


Bren April 24, 2010 at 4:17 PM  

She is beautiful and I do get just how temperamental they can be. It's funny but, my husband works at a Pulp mill and found a tiny Himalayan kitten on top of a load of pulp. I had to nurse the poor thing to health, he was in bad shape and so young. He made it though, we called him Woody and he's quite the character.

Beautify job on the photo, I think you captured her royalty quite well :-)

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